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Website structure & banners
- ddwebmaster on 02-Nov-08 12:24 AM
Well, I got started on converting pages late Saturday night and unfortunately it was taking longer than I thought. What was working correctly on some pages and some browsers wasn't working on others. I've tried to check to see if everything's accessible, even though the formatting is off on many pages. Hopefully the basic function of the site is still there and I'll try to get things straightened out more tomorrow (Sunday). Let me know if something's un-useable and I'll try to get it corrected first.

selina on 02-Nov-08 04:46 AM
HI DDW! I just wanted to express my appreciation for your keeping and maintaining this site, to our benefit, and doing a great job at it.

Maria7 on 02-Nov-08 04:35 PM
DDW, I want to make my diary private but cannot because the banner is in the way of doing this in the account maintenance. Can you fix this, please? Thanks for all the work you have done in the past with keeping DD going. ~Maria~

biscottibody59 on 03-Nov-08 09:16 AM
I just saw a big ol' 20% off ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut as I logged in--kinda funny!

On this forum I had to go to full-screen to be able to click on the Submit button because the square of 3 Google ads was in the way, plus I couldn't read the last entry.

I tend to leave my windows less than full screen (on a laptop) for my own convenience. Resolution is at 1280x800. And if that page is full with comments, ads cover the bottom.

kzirkle on 04-Nov-08 05:31 AM
So is it just me or is the Your Diary button that is usually on the left not there anymore??? I can't get into my diary to post a new entry. HELP!

ddwebmaster on 04-Nov-08 07:42 AM
What page was the "your diary" button missing from? I saw that you posted a diary entry a few minutes after posting that you couldn't find the "your diary" button, did you find it or did you have to use some other workaround?

kzirkle on 04-Nov-08 08:00 AM
I used a work around. I edited a previous entry which then gave me the option of adding a new entry. Now that I'm at work, the YOUR DIARY button is back at the top left. Strange... when I get home tonight, I'll check and see if that comp is still having issues. Thanks! :)

ddwebmaster on 04-Nov-08 10:52 AM
I lost my "your diary", "public diaries", "forums" links when I tried a different browser. The menu system worked fine in a few browsers, but I couldn't get it to work again correctly in one of the more popular browsers. I don't know what happened with it, but I had to replace it with a more simple set of text links. I'll try to get it back to working and include the favorites options again when I get some more time.

kzirkle on 05-Nov-08 08:08 AM
I definitely miss the favorites tab. I do website coding so if I can help in any way, just let me know. Thanks! :)

ddwebmaster on 05-Nov-08 08:56 AM
It's mainly just a lack of time and trying to get all of the different technologies working together properly. The menus were using DHTML and Javascript. The website uses CSS on some of the pages, but hasn't been completely converted. The behind the scenes stuff uses Coldfusion and MSSQL. And of course when I get something working correctly for one browser, it usually doesn't display properly on another. The original site was coded by someone else and it was all put together with tables and such, which was common for the time. I've been slowly trying to switch things over to CSS and using divs.

ddwebmaster on 08-Nov-08 01:01 AM
Since I've been having problems with formatting the site lately, I decided to start on a mild design change to try to get everything to format properly. I don't know how long it'll take to get the pages changed or how long until I'll start to transition some of the new pages in. If you're really bored, you can check out the work-in-progress new homepage format I'm messing with right now. It can be reached at www.dietdiaries.com/index.n8.cfm (Depending on what I'm doing, it may or may not be operational and I've only looked at it with a couple of different browsers so far.)

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