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Possible site downtime
- ddwebmaster on 14-Feb-09 06:52 PM

I haven't made a decision on the exact day or time, but I'm thinking of transferring certain parts of the site between servers.  We're running out of room on a couple of drives, so I'll need to do it sometime soon.  I've been just moving unimportant stuff off the drives over the past few months, but I'll need to do something a little more permanent to address it.

When I actually get around to moving the files the site will probably be down for several hours.  Just thought I'd try to give you a "heads up" so you weren't wondering why the site dropped for half of a day.

thinnside40 on 18-Feb-09 06:09 PM
DOes it have anything to do with "graphics" being on posts.. Like mine for instance... If what I put on and leave every day is effecting ANY part of the sight for your maintenance, please please please let me know & I;ll drop that part..... I'm not computer savvy, so I have no way of knowing if what I do effects any part of a "forum" like this......

Thanks for keeping DD going!

ddwebmaster on 18-Feb-09 09:02 PM
Nope, nothing to do with anyone's posts, graphics, or anything like that. It just has to do with the way I setup the dedicated server a couple years ago. The way I set it up was with multiple "virtual" drives inside a virtual server (all located within another operating system on my server). We're not really running out of room on the drives themselves, just within the "virtual" drives. It made sense to set things up that way at the time, but it's come to a point where I either need to redo each of the virtual drives to allow for much more space or just move everything to the real harddrive and scrap the "virtual" setups. I've decided for ease of growth to transition things over to the real server / hard drives and ditch the "virtual" stuff.

thinnside40 on 19-Feb-09 11:52 AM
Aha...Think I got it!..... Thanks for your time!

ddwebmaster on 26-Feb-09 07:16 PM
Ok, I think I've figured out most of the transfer stuff. I'll probably start the transfer over the next couple of days. I'm also changing database software and the new software stores a couple things in different formats, so there may be a broken page here or there that I'll need to fix after the transfer.

Since the IP address will be changing, it could take up to 72 hours for DNS servers to all update. The plan is to setup a forwarding page at the old IP address, then transfer everything to the new IP address. When this happens, you'll probably see IP numbers in the browser instead of saying dietdiaries.com. I might need to leave it that way for a couple days, although hopefully it'll be less.

ddwebmaster on 27-Feb-09 11:02 AM
I've transitioned the site over to the new server hard drive space. I'm pretty sure all of the files and databases have been transitioned correctly.

Since I was going through the hassle of moving stuff around anyway I decided to change the database server over to a different program which I'd been intending to do for quite awhile now. The new database software should allow for better performance and easier backups. Unfortunately it stores a couple of things a little differently. This means that there will probably be various pages that I'll need to tweak to get to work correctly again. When you notice an error or something not working correctly, please leave a reply to this message. Please tell me what you clicked on, how you got there, and what happened or didn't happen.

One thing that's not working correctly right now is the email notification of new comments. I think it has to wait for the DNS IP address change to be completed, so it may take a day or two to start working again properly.

If you can't post responses to this because of some error, you can always send e-mail directly to webmaster@dietdiaries.com

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