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My Two Cents On Adbrite Ads
- biscottibody59 on 07-Mar-09 08:08 AM

Maybe you could explain the way ads work. Like how do you make money off of them in relation to our use of the pages.

I have no clue how they work. Do you get a bit of $$$ each time an ad is clicked or in the case of the new double underlined ones (for which the ads pretty much have no direct relation to the double underlined words) when you "mouse over" it and the ad pops up? Or do you not get $$$ until the user is redirected to the page for the ad? Just curious.

(In other words, I'd click on a Google ad from time to time if it's necessary to keep the site free.)

This new one (adbrite) is pretty obtrusive for a site like this in my opinion. They even come up on private entries.

I myself couldn't care less about the ad content. It could be about something I'm totally opposed to in real life. But I wanted to voice my opinion that the new one appears to change DDs in a way that takes away from the value of DietDiaries as it has been.

I've seen these when I've clicked on an article for some health site or something, but I think the way I personally see and read (and appreciate) DDs for what it is, it takes away rather than adds to my reading/participating experience.

Thanks for all your effort, as always!

ddwebmaster on 07-Mar-09 09:12 AM
The thing where it double underlines words is called inline ads. It sounded good in theory and thought I'd give it a try to see how it worked. I hadn't seen it yet because I hadn't checked it in Internet Explorer. (It apparently doesn't display in Chrome, Safari, or Opera.) When I saw your post I checked it in Internet Explorer and it's way too irritating to leave, so I changed the settings to remove it. It'd be different if it just underlined 1 or 2 words in the main body of the post, but underlining 8 words in the top portion doesn't work for me. It'll probably take a little while for the changed settings to take effect.

As far as how ad payments work, they're based on clicks.

biscottibody59 on 07-Mar-09 09:30 AM
Thank you for the explanation!

Then I shall pay a little more attention and click as I see fit! (I hardly ever click on ads!)

Glad you got rid of the new thing, hope you find something else that works!

thinnside40 on 08-Mar-09 08:09 AM
I ignore everything esxcept for the entries theiselves personally.... I don't even look @ @ the "ads" on google whan I'm searching for something...Just what is in the middle of the page basically is all I'm after....

Thanks for all your work in keeping DD going.....

omahagrl on 09-Mar-09 12:55 PM
FYI when I come onto this site I get a threat warning that the adbrite has cookie tracking.

ddwebmaster on 09-Mar-09 02:07 PM
Could you tell me what browser you're using and what program is indicating an "adbrite" tracking cookie. (Diet Diaries uses a cookie to indicate whether you're logged in/out, but I wasn't aware of any Adbrite cookies.)

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