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strange message notifications
- KathyBlue on 08-Mar-10 02:08 AM

Hi DD,

I've been noticing a strange behaviour of the message notifications arriving to my mailbox whenever someone leaves a comment. It turned out that each time I receive one, it always says the same nickname: chidogs. Whenever I receive a message, even when it's not from chidogs, it says it's from her. It's not very bothering, so no worries but you may have a couple of minutes to get busy with this .



ddwebmaster on 08-Mar-10 07:59 AM
If you can forward me an email or two that have the wrong person listed as leaving a comment I could look into it. webmaster@dietdiaries.com

KathyBlue on 08-Mar-10 12:18 PM
I will, sure!

KathyBlue on 08-Mar-10 02:23 PM
hmmm, how should I explain this... I think the problem is with google. Gmail says that I have an unread email, from ddwebmaster, called Diet-Diaries Auto-Notify, and then it starts with "chidogs commented".. in bold. But when I open the email (which I NEVER really did before.. I just come to the site and never click on the link in the email body), it says the correct nickname... So it must be google. Sorry for your every second of your time lost with this, DD... :(

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