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Server Problems
- ddwebmaster on 20-Mar-10 07:14 PM

 Just to warn you, this is kind of a rant.  

Diet Diaries is hosted on my own personal dedicated server which is colocated at a large hub in Florida.  Unfortunately I’m not within 1000 miles of Florida so I’m at the mercy of the support staff at that company.  It seems like once or twice each year there is some type of problem that arises which causes the site to go offline for usually half of a day.  It seems to take them several hours (22 hours last time) to figure out if they have a router / cable / power problem on their end.  Each time I get extremely frustrated because of their “support”.  There’s no way to call them, no email address, no fax, etc.  You have to contact them through their website which is far from user friendly.  After placing a support ticket marked “urgent” in their system, it usually takes them an hour or two to place a response on their system.  Of course you don’t get emailed or anything, so you have to keep checking their website every 10 minutes or so to see if they’ve done anything.  Their first response is usually pointless or asks a question that you already answered in the original ticket.  So you respond to them, then wait another hour or two to get a response back from them.  

Today took approximately 11 hours in total downtime for them to find out the network cable to my server was bad.  I don't know if I actually believe it or not because the last time it was down it was supposedly a network cable to my server that was bad also.  I've got 4 or 5 computers at home running constantly and I've been using the same network cables for the past 7 or 8 years without any of them mysteriously going bad, let alone twice in a year.

Every time that something like this happens I'm reminded that I need to change hosts to somewhere that I can physically drive to and "fix" myself.  Depending on time, over the next week or so I'll be working on setting up a backup server at my office to transfer the website to so that I can have them ship my dedicated server back to me. 

I'll keep you updated on any new developements and planned downtimes to facilitate the move.



KathyBlue on 21-Mar-10 03:06 AM
they must have the "standard answer" bot... I understand your frustration... They normally promise a user-friendly helpdesk, 99,99% fiability, etc... but that's marketing.

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