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posting problems
- nita51 on 17-May-10 04:35 PM

I am experiencing a recent problem with posting.  The Diet Diaries site screen , spreads all over my computer, causing me not have enough room to complete my post messages.  My font is of normal size, that isn't the problem.  Why has the dimensions changed? I think this is why I'm not able to type a full vertical message. My messages cut off,  before I've completed them.   Thank You,  Nita51

ddwebmaster on 17-May-10 08:28 PM
I'm not quite sure what you mean by the DD site screen spreads all over your computer. I suppose I could understand the center section not being visible if you have a really small old monitor that only displays 640x480 or if you're running your browser in a smaller window.

Please let me know exactly what's happening or what you're seeing. Any of the following information would also be helful: browser name, browser version #, operating system, monitor screen size in pixels.

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