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Small Bit From a Book
- biscottibody59 on 13-Jul-10 04:38 PM

I dug this up from a very old entry. This was a very helpful book for me. It's not for everyone, but it helped me. It's a different perspective about food, but it's not a diet. And I guess I sought it out at a time when I was open to the concepts it presents.

From Chapter 11 of Overcoming Overeating by Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann:
Reading your hunger involves, first, giving up the rules that govern food choices. We have accustomed ourselves to the notion that cereal, toast, eggs, and juice are "good" breakfast foods; that sandwiches, soup, and salads are for lunch; and that meat, fish, and a variety of vegetables make for a proper dinner. We have even specified the order in which food should be eaten within a given meal. For example, soup is always first and dessert last. A child of five can tell you that vegetables are "what you have to eat before you get dessert."

Interestingly, we have found that much overeating is caused by people's dogged adherence to eating traditions and consequent failure to read their hunger properly. Because of that, most compulsive eaters who attempt to deny their cravings by eating "what they should" usually end up eating what they originally wanted in addition to what they should.

Imagine that you are hungry for sweets at 6:00 p.m., but decide to eat dinner instead. You eat soup, fish, broccoli, and a salad. When you finish all that, you still don't feel satisfied, so you help yourself to seconds. By then you're feeling stuffed, but still not satisfied. Next, dessert is offered, and no matter how stuffed you feel, you dig in. When you've finished your dessert you finally feel stuffed and satisfied. Had you eaten only the dessert, you would have consumed much less, avoided the uncomfortable stuffed feeling, and, of course, satisfied your particular hunger.

With all due respect to the wisdom of our five-year-olds who have already internalized the mores of our culture vis-a-vis eating, you are not obligated to eat vegetables before you can have dessert. Unfortunately, the rules we and our children have learned about eating have more to do with denying specific hungers than with responding to them.

tangalyn on 14-Jul-10 12:10 PM
makes so much sense, thanks

joni0317 on 05-Aug-10 06:17 PM
I agree! It does make a great deal of sense, however, as the child in the excerpt, I too am programmed to eat what is considered to be healthy first in an effort to avoid the unhealthy. Thanks for the entry though!!!

KathyBlue on 07-Aug-10 08:02 AM
I agree! And we can add up the moms' phrase: "Don't leave anything on your plate!"... I remember I had a colourful plate and my mother made me eat everything saying: "If you want to see the cartoon on the bottom you have to eat the food first"... Yeah... and now it's quite impossible to leave food on the plate, as I feel guilty... Read the End of Overeating, too! And see the movie I shared, they are sooo educative!

OhioRaven on 26-Feb-13 01:12 PM
This makes a lot of sense, Biscuit. It reaffirms what you just told me.

sailingeagle on 04-Mar-13 06:18 PM
Very interesting! I like my dessert first! lol

Danguang33 on 22-Jan-20 05:17 PM
Spam removed

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