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100 lbs lost
- KathyBlue on 28-Aug-10 07:29 AM

Hi Wonderful Ladies,

Just wanted to share my happiness with you: I've lost 100 lbs! :) Actually, 102,2 lbs so, mini-goal reached! 

xoxo, have a great weekend


tangalyn on 28-Aug-10 11:07 AM
Congrats Kathy, u r such an inspiration :)

healthygirl on 29-Aug-10 09:51 PM
That is simply AMAZING! Congratulations Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment. Now, deep breath, and just keep it up. Maintenance is the key :)

hollybelle on 30-Aug-10 07:23 AM
Can't tell you HOW HAPPY I am for YOU!!!! Wonderful. This is truly an accomplishment. And you have managed with such grace and style! Yuo are truly a butterfly emerging from the cocoon - the sky is no limit for you, though!

V on 30-Aug-10 09:54 PM
Much love to you Kathy!!!!! You are doing such a fab job :)

Reggie on 13-Oct-10 07:31 AM
Kathy I just signed on and read your entry for the first time. This is a great accomplishment. That is the kind of news that allows me to focus on my own goals.

SusieQueue on 13-Oct-10 08:32 AM
Impressive - you are my idol!

lifestylechange on 13-Oct-10 12:43 PM
SOOOO INSPIRATIONAL!!!! Wow!! Mini goal??? That's a huge huge huge GOAL!! YAY YOU!!!!

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