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The Diet Solution Plan
- balloonlady on 06-Sep-10 02:54 PM

I been reading a lot on this plan, over all it makes a lot of sense, there are a few things about it that scare me, like real butter, eggs, real organic meats. etc

I am used to counting every calorie and every fat gram, 2 tbs organic almond butter has about the same amout of fat I used to eat in a whole day, but it makes sense that it is a "good fat" I have been switching all my breads, pasta and flours to organic "sprouted" brands, I have seen a big change in my energy levels with the health carbs.

Has anyone else done this program, or have any input on it, I would love to hear it.....


maggie120 on 21-Feb-11 04:50 PM
I have never done this diet bu i am starting the 7 day diet today.... you should read my blog and see if u can do it too, I dnt have any results from it yet cuz I just started it but my friend lost 7 lbs in a week... my blog is called 7 day diet! :)

fatfrog on 11-Jan-13 11:07 AM

Berverly03 on 19-Jul-20 08:24 PM
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karthik2265 on 22-Jul-20 10:53 PM
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