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For DDWMaster: no email alerts
- KathyBlue on 09-Jan-11 11:52 AM

Dear WMaster,

I'm not receiving alerts of the new comments today. Is there an issue with this feature again? Thanks in advance for looking into it!

Have a nice week ahead!


Umpqua on 09-Jan-11 12:41 PM
I haven't been either, was waiting to see if anyone else had the problem. They were working fine as of last night.

ddwebmaster on 09-Jan-11 12:54 PM
DNS error of some sort. Appears to be working now. Let me know if it's not.

chidogs on 09-Jan-11 01:12 PM
Yeah, I just got one, and found 5 messages there. So I think it is working again.

Umpqua on 09-Jan-11 02:52 PM
Thanks for the quick fix!!

KathyBlue on 10-Jan-11 02:39 AM
working now! Just got 21 :D lol... xoxo thanks!

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