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for DDWM and all members
- KathyBlue on 10-Jan-11 03:52 AM

I was thinking about the connection between DietDiaries and Facebook, it would be nice to have a reference here, so all new (and old) members would be able to join DD's on Facebook. The problem is that DD's group on FB is a hidden group - don't misunderstand me, I love it like that, because we don't necessarily want all the world to know about our diets and struggles - therefore it's not possible to create a direct link to there. I also wouldn't like to join a visible Page of DD's on Facebook, because there are people on my FB that I wouldn't like to have as readers of my public diaries over here. So, my idea would be something like this: could we put a FB logo on the left side (where it says You're welcome to join in for free....etc.), with informations on how to join to DD's group on FB? This information is available on Sweetpea's bio page now, but I think it's not enough and not so obvious.

I love this page, and I wouldn't change it for anything, but FB is great to share links and videos, it's colourful and direct, so I think it would be a great extension to everyone here.

PS: I love the "new" icon next to new members' blogs. :-)



ddwebmaster on 10-Jan-11 07:38 AM
Having a hidden Facebook group is tricky. In my opinion it kind of defeats the purpose to advertise a hidden group. Using the comments on personal diaries, feel free to invite each new user to join if that's what you'd like.

KathyBlue on 10-Jan-11 08:26 AM
Yes tricky, but the FB group has to be kept private for the reasons I wrote down earlier. It's not "hidden" in a bad way... It's just.. a private group, that's all. :-) As soon as the new member's in, everything gets visible for her/him (but nothing for her/his friends).

teensybikini on 10-Jan-11 12:19 PM
Not to be selfish or anything but I kinda like it the way it is. Its not thousands of people starting and stopping every day. And I also like the sense of a little privacy. Just my opinion.

sweetpea1977 on 10-Jan-11 01:45 PM

The Facebook group was designed as supplement to this website...not a replacement. I brought this idea to life when the DD site went down for two weeks in late 2010. Basically, the DD facebook group is a secret group that allows DD members who are also facebook members to have an additional source of motivation and support. We are involved with lots of discussions regarding a wide variety of health related topics, performing daily challenges and weekly challenges based on a point earning system (which helps motivate people to stay on track with their personal health and weightloss goals), and further discussion on things we've mentioned in our diaries here. The DD FB group provides a more secretive outlet for people to discuss more personal struggles related to their weightloss journeys...stuff that they rather keep out of their DD entries. In addition, being a member of this group allows members to contact each other in private via email. Lastly, when the DD website crashes/goes offline for maintenance, this secret FB group gives members the chance to continue their DD entries on the FB group site to give them a sense of normalcy while their beloved DD site is down. This group has help prevented most DD FB group members from backsliding into old habits when their main source of support has disappeared.

Currently, the DD FB group has 27 members. It is in no danger of having a large membership unless every single member that has ever joined the DD website returns, becomes active, and want to join the facebook group. This website is the only place that the DD FB group is discussed publicly since we only want DD members to become a part of the FB group.

As for the "Secret" label on the FB group it means this: People do not know it exists unless you are invited to the DD FB group by a current DD FB group member. It can not be found with a search on facebook and your membership and activities do not show up on your FB profile or wall. The only people who know that are a member and see your posts are the fellow DD FB group members. So, its a secret group in the sense that none of your facebook friends know that it exists or that you are member of a weightloss support group unless you verbally tell them about it.

I am very proud of this group and hope that more DD members join soon. If you are interested in becoming a member of the FB group, email me at the email address listed in my bio and I'll get you hooked up.

Umpqua on 10-Jan-11 05:27 PM
I think Sweetpea gives an excellent synopsis of the Facebook group. And I would encourage any interested members to contact her if you would like to participate!

V on 10-Jan-11 07:13 PM
I think for some people they would rather stay here, especially the ladies that are always on the go...I am certain that they all know about the FB page but might not have time to do both :) Now for those who are interested, they can also contact me as well my info is posted too :)

moogy on 10-Jan-11 08:08 PM
I like things the way they are. My loyalty is to DD'a and I don't want to see anything changed regarding membership. If people hang around for long enough they find out about the facebook group and can join if they want to. As we know some people have decided to join and other's haven't. I think that the system we have now works just fine. Please let's leave things as they are. I want to protect both DD's and the secret group.

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