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Struggling With Nighttime Eating?
- biscottibody59 on 11-Jan-11 09:35 AM

The links to book excerpts below are from Overcoming Overeating by Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter.

Small Bit From A Book:

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye:

This book changed the way I think about eating. It has a perspective of food and eating that I hadn't thought of until I read it. I don't struggle with nighttime eating at the moment, though I have at several points of my life. I probably would now if I could sleep on a full stomach like I once did. The way I sleep has changed all that yet again. Don't get me wrong, I don't go to bed hungry, but I know that I won't rest well if I eat too much before bed.

To me overeating is about boredom for some of us, but my thinking at one point (when I was in the throes of eating too much every night) was that my body may be having some ancient hard-wired reaction. It may have been telling me, "What if I can't eat again." In other words, food will be scarce (even though it most certainly is not in my case) so I'd better get my fill NOW!

yoyonz on 07-May-11 11:51 AM
i am working on changing my work hrs so i work 1pm-9.30pm. there is all sortsof changes at my work, so i am into that as it may help my eating to be better.

hollybelle on 09-May-11 01:43 PM
Yes, overeating for me is about boredom OR STRESS - a certain kind of stress.

grannyannie on 25-Sep-11 09:32 AM
I think a lot of eating is also habit. Watch tv - eat. Go to the movies - eat. Feel tired, bored, stressed, in need of energy - eat. Food is also a pleasure that never disappoints us. It ALWAYS give us pleasure, you can depend on it.

Danguang33 on 22-Jan-20 05:18 PM
Spam removed

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