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To DD Webmaster re: iphone
- Maria7 on 11-Jul-11 12:59 PM

Hello, DD Webmaster...got a question...is there a way to make DD work on iphone 4?  (Thanks for all you do to keep DD going and hope you and yours have a nice day.)  Maria

ddwebmaster on 12-Jul-11 07:29 PM
You can read through the site on an iphone or ipad, but can't write entries or replies with them. Apple just chooses what protocols they feel like supporting and which ones they don't.

Maria7 on 12-Jul-11 07:32 PM
Thanks. :-)

Umpqua on 13-Jul-11 04:24 PM
Just trying to be helpful - I'm able to make comments, post a new entry, modify fields like my goal weight, current diet, etc. using my iPhone4 (via Safari). The only thing I can't do is populate the actual text box field for posting the new entry. I can post a new one (blank) and then make comments on it though. You probably already know this, just wanted to mention it in case there's a tweak that can be made to that actual form field. Many thanks as always!

ddwebmaster on 13-Jul-11 06:06 PM
The thing that Apple chooses not to support is a rich-text entry box. The reason that comments and certain text only things work is because it's just plain text. When entering a new entry or editing an entry, it uses a rich-text entry box that allows colors, sizes, images, different fonts, etc.

There's not really a workaround except to have separate pages accessible via Apple products that would limit entries to only plain text. I've thought about doing that, but life's been extremely busy with new changes to the website a long way down on my "to do" list.

Umpqua on 13-Jul-11 06:59 PM
Understood, and thanks for explaining this. Perhaps as competition builds for Apple they will be forced to make things more accessible :P

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