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A little hopeless need inspiration
- Tbell1389 on 11-Jul-11 10:51 PM

Hello Everyone

I desperatley needed to reach out to anyone who might be in my same boat or feel the way Im feeling after a recent girls trip i took with 6 of my girlfriends who happen to all be yoga instructors. (Skinny bitches were on vacation and theyre doing wall handstands in bikinis can you say intimidating) love them but I happen to be 5'8 and around 175. Now normally I am a very confident person. I feel my 175 lbs of curves are displaced evenly enough that I hide it well and dont look as big as I am.

Now we hit pool parties like crazy and maybe it was the cocktails or maybe i have a deluted sense of self confidence...but I felt comfortable enough to rock a bikini top and jean skirt next to these walking jillian michaels and still feel somewhat attractive. That was all until photos surfaced and while most were okay there was one that was just awful and someone felt the need to tag the picture as pregnancy. You can imagine my reaction I sat in my room and balled for 20 minutes..cursed facebook, and almost decided to delete my profile all together.

But then i thought to myself its time to make a change. I know I may never be one of those girls whos a size zero but Id like to get back to a healthy place and deff to a place where no one will label a picture im in as pregnancy. I feel if I can make it down to 150 I'll be rockin. At my height 150 is my awesome weight. Let me preffice by saying I have a thyorid condition and have been all over the weight board. Ive been the nicole richie type and a little chunky with my highest weight  pushing 200. Its been a yo yo nightmare.

So if Ive managed to hold your attention this long Id like to say thank you and ask for any form of advice you may have to offer. I feel like ive tried so many diets/work outs boot camps and only get temporary results but have never managed to get to that place where Im happy with my weight. Never the yay goal weight moment.  Since most of my friends are at their goal weights its hard for me to confide in them about my problems and insecurities...so Here I am looking for help/advice/a weight loss buddy and fellow blogger to help me stay accountable and take on this weight loss battle.

Much Love

<3 Tbell




hollybelle on 12-Jul-11 08:28 AM
Thanks for reaching out. Most of us have been in the same boat you are in right now. Have been smaller (and larger) myself at times, but keeping it in check and living a healthy life is what we are aiming for - the weight loss results are a byproduct of doing the right things for our bodies! We have all had those "ah-ha" moments where reality hits. This is a good time for your to dig deep and decide if you are willing to do what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, period - Not just "go on a diet". I'm glad to hear that you are usually very confident and proud of your body. Make that work for you. One of the DVDs I do some exercise with says: Decide, Commit, Succeed. There is a lot of information out there on fad diets, but just look at the new Miss South Carolina that was in the news this morning. She started out 110 lbs heavier than she is today and over 3 years ago-doing it the "old fashioned" way with healthy eating and exercise lost 110 lbs and won Miss SC. If you have a thyroid issue - are you seeing a dr. about it? What would it take for you to Decide, Commit and Succeed? Why not sign on to the regular posts and partner up with this bunch of bloggers? This is a site where many have found motivation and inspiration to make better choices, every day. You can, too! Check out KathyBlue's posts - see her weight loss journey and V's - those are two that come to mind, but we are all on our own road to health and you can be, too! Join us.....the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step!

just42day on 12-Jul-11 08:59 AM
Thanks for your posting. First, you are NOT alone. Most of my friends are very, very fit and active so I constantly feel inferior around them but at the same time know they truly love me. While they completely support me in my journey, it is NOT the same as sharing with someone who's there now or has been there. Hollybelle's suggestions are great ones -- as always. I'm sure you'll find lots of support and inspiration from others here. I have much, much (and do mean much) more weight to lose than you so I'm definitely not a pro at this. All I can say is this site and its members are incredibly supportive & helpful. I always look forward to their responses and encouragement. I hope we hear back from you on a continued basis. Oh- want to give me the contact info for the thoughtless, rude person who tagged the picture? I'd be only to happy to give her a piece of my mind. I'm sure V will echo this! (While I'm kidding about harassing the rude person, I still feel she is unbelievably rude, hurtful and thoughtless.) I'm so very sorry that was done to you. You deserve to be treated better.

V on 12-Jul-11 10:36 AM
I am angered that someone would do this to you...Listen not that this person who did this to you is important, but it is obvious she lacks class, scruples but she also has a very low self esteem and has major issues so she delect her flaws bu=y making you feel bad...I can guarantee you she is envious of your confidence so she is trying to eat away at you so she can feel better about her miserable existence...And hey btw this broad is should not call herself a yogi..She is the complete opposite of who they are and what they stand for.... Anyways I have spent enough time on that trash...On to you, well not trying to force you into making your diary public, but I think there is def strength in numbers so if you ever need to talk you can always respond to anyone's post and they can leave responses to you on your page...Or here's another idea....We have a private fb diet diaries page....It is a closed group, none of the posts are visable to ANYONE other than the members...None of our posts/responses are on the wall and we have strict rules as to not mentioning the site on other member's public wall... We have lots of motivational tools, we share workout tips and recipes...Alot like this group but as i mentioned before it is not on public record....If this sounds interesting to you, you can contact me or any member of the group(all of my info is on my bio page)There is a direct link to the fb site posted here as well...I respect whatever decision you come to so PLEASE don't feel pressured, I just wanted to let you know that all women are not catty and I think I can speak for everyone here that you are more than welcomed and supported here :) i would also like to discuss your plan of action.. I think that if you select a reasonable menu plan and find a workout or activity that you really like and feel you can stick to sounds fair...Right?? Sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on but I want to let you know we are here if you need us!!

Just42day on 12-Jul-11 10:48 AM
I absolutely hate to say "I told you so" (tee hee) but I knew V would have some distinct thoughts about the person tagging the photo. We're all here for you. Have a good day! :)

shaunnac on 12-Jul-11 11:00 AM
First off let me say that I hate naturally skinny bitches lol. I am so sorry that someone tagged it as a pregnant pic. I am 5'9 and I know that your actually at a pretty healthy weight. First off I would say you should tell this girl how hurtful what she did was. I don't think anyone has the right to degrade someone like that and offend them so deeply. It's bad karma. Second off, these lady's on this site are awesome. It's very refreshing to have a group of girls that have walked in or are walking in the same shoes you are. I do hope you join us, but if not I do hope that you find what you need to be a healthy and happy you.

Umpqua on 12-Jul-11 11:14 AM
I'm so sorry you had that experience with the photo. I've had a couple of bad experiences when I was at a higher weight and no one should have to go through that stuff. You've gotten some very good advice and responses here and I just want to say that being a part of this group (for 7 years now, on and off) has been a huge part of changing my lifestyle. I could not have gotten to where I am or gained even a fraction of the knowledge I have about healthy eating and exercise without the support of this group. So I would definitely encourage you to join us in some capacity, there is no reason to go through this alone!

Tbell1389 on 12-Jul-11 11:41 AM
Wow thank you all so much for your out pouring of support and love. It means a lot. I let myself have my woah is me moment yesterday and am ready to start my new healthy lifestyle today. I am not all that tech savvy so it may take me a bit to get a page going but rest assure seeing the reactions i got from each and every one of you I am very excited to join you all in the "battle of the bulge"

As far as my thyroid issues go it is deff something I need to be more proactive with. Im almost like a guy in the sense I dred the doctor so Its been over a year since Ive had it checked out and am on my last supply of pills :O I think getting that straigtened out with deff help me get on a better track.

Until I set up a page I'll ask you guys here. Im trying to start a new work out program. I do a billy blanks bootcamp that kicks my butt...but it gets old after a week. I'm one of those people who likes to work out as long as I dont get bored. I love aerobics or any high paced work out so I'm wondering what any of you would recommend or whats been working for you.

Again Thank you all so much for making me feel better. I cant tell you how comforting and reassuring it is to hear such kind things from people I dont know.

I look forward to starting this weight loss journey with you all and hopefully I can encourage you the way youve encourage me

xoxo Tbell

Oh ps. I would be interested in joining that private fbook group if someone wouldnt mind sending me the link :)

Just42day on 12-Jul-11 11:55 AM
I'm sure others can make some great suggestions re: exercise DVDs. Most libraries have good collections so you could check out something there for variety (and for free -- if there's a cheap way of doing something, I'm all over it) Good hearing from you!

sweetpea1977 on 12-Jul-11 12:25 PM
You've gotten some great feedback from our ladies, so I'll just give you some pointers on how to start your public diary and pass along info for the FB group.

First off, to make your diary public, click on the "wrench" icon at the top right of the website and you'll see options to make your diary public as well as an option to get email notifications once you start posting. The "wrench" icon also gives you the option to "edit bio" so that members can have a quick summary of your health background and the goals you desire to achieve. To make a diary entry, you click on the "plus sign" icon and a big text box will show up. Type away and click "submit" when finished.

To view other members' diaries, just click on the list of names to the left. To leave comments, just type in the text box below their diary.

As for the facebook group, send an email dietdiaries@ymail.com to with your request to join the group. Be sure to include a link to your facebook profile and your DD alias (tbell1389). I or one of the other two moderators will send you a friendship request and will add you to the group once you accept our friendship. :)

Im so sorry that your "friend" did this to you. I agree with V, that is very uncharacteristic of a yogi! Anyway, this group of ladies is super-supportive. I've been here since January 2005 and have received nothing but love, advice, and support from these women!

tangalyn on 12-Jul-11 12:35 PM
im so sorry u had to have this expierence.. that is terrible.. we r all here for u.. anytime u need us.. **hugs**

biscottibody59 on 12-Jul-11 01:21 PM
You don't have to set up a page here, just make your diary public and hit the + sign icon to add an entry.

I don't know your age, but none of this gets any easier (especially staying healthy without really trying). Pictures have been an eye-opener for many of us. They were for me, though mine didn't appear on FB for someone to comment on--what I think is the only opinion that really motivates me on a long-term basis. Sounds like your experience was a bit traumatic and I'm sorry that happened. Gather yourself and try to move forward for yourself--you can do it!

DDs has been around for about 12 years--I've been on it for about 10 of those. I'm 52 and I attribute regular PUBLIC posting to keeping off a certain number of pounds and maintaining a certain amount of fitness. I don't belong to the FB group--seems like overkill to me, but different strokes for different folks, YMMV and all that jazz:-)

The key for me has been the public accountability of DDs. And I'm not really where I'd like to be, but I'm also not giving up.

Sounds simple, but one of the biggest reasons people don't lose or maintain, but actually gain it all back PLUS more is because they quit posting. I've seen it happen a zillion times. If this were easy, none of us would be here at all. So I hope you'll think about posting publicly.

I wish you all the best in your journey to your goals and to staying healthy in the long run! Good luck!

KathyBlue on 13-Jul-11 09:01 AM
Reality is always better than a picture. My experience tells me the mirrors are friendlier than photographs. :-) Self-confidence is important and don't let it destroyed by others. I have a colleague who's size ZERO and she wanted to gain weight. She started to eat greek fat yogurts like crazy, but like a full 4-pack of those on a daily basis, until someone kindly offered her a seat on the metro, because she looked pregnant. Her tummy was puffed of course, because she was size zero and the quantity of yogurt in her belly made her look pregnant. Since then, I haven't seen her eating yogurts.. Crazy girl. I was laughing but she took that very seriously.

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