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iphone, ipad, android
- ddwebmaster on 14-Jul-11 09:54 PM

I added some functionality / access for the iphone, ipad, and android phones tonight.  I've been meaning to tackle it for awhile, but haven't had the time or desire.  

Unfortunately the iphone, ipad, and some android browsers have a problem with rich-text editing like you can do with a regular desktop browser.  I've rewritten some code on the website so that it should detect if you're browsing the site with an iphone / ipad / android device.  When it detects that it will default to a plain text entry box.  The plain text entry box won't have any options for colors / alternate fonts / images / smileys / etc.  However it does allow you to now post new entries from your iphone / ipad / android.  

It will also allow you to edit previous entries.  If you use an iphone / ipad / android device to edit a previously posted entry that has colors / alternate fonts / images / etc, it will allow you to edit it but it will have a lot of extra characters and html code intertwined.

The changes shouldn't affect regular desktop browsers in any way.  

As always, if you notice something behaving incorrectly with either the desktop or iphone / ipad / android device, please feel free to leave me a message here or email me directly at webmaster@dietdiaries.com


ddwebmaster on 15-Jul-11 08:17 AM
After adding the functionality for the iphone/ipad/android I was feeling quite accomplished last night. I clicked one wrong button before calling it quits for the night. Of course that one wrong button broke the "plus" sign for adding new entries. It's now fixed. Let me know if anything else isn't behaving as it should.

sweetpea1977 on 15-Jul-11 10:17 AM
thank you so much ddwebmaster! :-)

ddwebmaster on 17-Jul-11 10:24 PM

Maria7 on 31-Jul-11 07:47 PM
Thank you, DD Webmaster! I have tried it and it works wonderfully! :-D Very happy! :-D

KathyBlue on 02-Aug-11 04:45 AM
geeks are happy now :D

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