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Diet Diaries Facebook Group
- sweetpea1977 on 15-Jul-11 06:06 AM

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the DD Facebook group. This idea came to me when this website went down for a couple weeks a year or two ago. The group's main purpose is to be a supplement to this fantastic community, not a replacement. 

Anyway, the DD Facebook group is a secret group page that allows DD members who are also Facebook members to have an additional source of motivation and support. We are involved with lots of discussions regarding a wide variety of health related topics, performing daily challenges and weekly challenges based on a point earning system (which helps motivate people to stay on track with their personal health and weightloss goals), further discussion on things we've mentioned in our diaries here, as well as a few fun topics to get people excited about their journeys with their fellow members. The DD Facebook group provides a more secretive outlet for people to discuss more personal struggles related to their weightloss journeys...stuff that they rather keep out of their very public DD entries. In addition, being a member of this group allows members to contact each other in private via email as well as in group chats. Lastly, when this DD website isnt accessable or functioning properly, the secret DD Facebook group gives members the chance to continue their DD entries on the Facebook group page. Having a backup outlet to continue their daily habit of journalling gives us a sense of normalcy while this beloved DD site is down. During the two week period that this page was inaccessible, the group page  helped prevented most DD Facebook group members from backsliding into old habits when their main source of support has disappeared.

Currently, the DD Facebook group has 17 members. It is in no danger of having a large membership unless every single member that has ever joined the DD website returns, becomes active, and wants to join the Facebook group. This website is the only place that the DD Facebook group is discussed publicly since we only want DD members to become a part of this secret Facebook group.

As for the "Secret" label on the Facebook group it means this: People do not know it exists unless you are told about it by a current group member. It can not be found with a search on Facebook and your membership and activities do not show up on your Facebook profile or wall. The only people who know that you are a member and see your posts are the fellow DD Facebook group members. So, its a secret group in the sense that none of your facebook friends know that it exists or that you are member of a weightloss support group unless you verbally tell them about it. Though, we do have a  rule that says to not mention this secret group on any of your friends' walls in an effort to keep this group a secret. 

I am very proud of this group and what it has done for its members.  I've gotten lots of positive feedback since its inception.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Facebook group, email the group administrators at dietdiaries@ymail.com and one of us will get you hooked up. If you like it, great, just meet the one post per week minimum and you'll remain a member! If you discover that this group isn't for you, you're free to leave the group with no questions asked!  However, due to the personal and private nature of this group, we ask that new members be publicly active on this Diet Diaries site for at least a month before requesting to join the Facebook group.


V on 15-Jul-11 11:22 PM
I think the backup page has served us really well...Please don't think that we are trying to sway people from this site...So I am chiming in to say that it has been very helpful :) Thanks Sweetpea for taking time out of your busy schedule <3

moogy on 16-Jul-11 04:24 PM
I love it as it acts as a safety net if the DD site goes down. Plus we have a lot of fun there!

rockingrobyn on 09-Aug-11 05:38 PM
I have a facebook account.robyn clark with a dancing pig icon.Feel free to friend me

grannyannie on 05-Oct-11 08:00 AM
I sent an email to join but no response yet. Is the FB group very active?

Umpqua on 05-Oct-11 08:15 AM
It's pretty active, I just haven't checked the email in a day or so. Will do now and send you instructions to join!

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