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to webmaster: images
- KathyBlue on 24-Aug-11 12:20 PM

Hi ddwebmaster!

I hope you're having a good summer. :-) Can you please check, why the image I uploaded earlier had been uncorrectly rotated: /UserUploadedFiles/image/IMG_1191.jpg

When I submitted the original post it was perfect. Thanks! :-)


ddwebmaster on 24-Aug-11 01:18 PM
Sorry, don't have a clue. I'd suggest editing the entry, maybe deleting the photo, then try to upload it again. Keep track of anything you do to the photo once it's uploaded (if you resize it, rotate it, or anything).

The only thing that the system does to an uploaded picture is downsize the image resolution / size. This happens automatically every few hours. I had to implement that back about 6 months ago because people were uploading multiple 10mb pictures. And if someone were to try to view their post with numerous large pictures like that, it would either timeout the system or take several minutes to load a single post with a couple of those pictures.

If you can document and replicate the exact steps you took to get a mixed-up picture, I can look into it.

KathyBlue on 24-Aug-11 01:23 PM
now I resized it on my own PC and uploaded it again /UserUploadedFiles/image/IMG_1191(1).jpg I didn't touch the size now (I did it with the previous image but it's something I always do and never had this issue before), only adjusted to center. Thanks! :)

KathyBlue on 24-Aug-11 01:25 PM
btw I don't think the photo can be rotated once its uploaded... There's no such option available in the window.

ddwebmaster on 24-Aug-11 07:20 PM
If somethings still wrong, I'll need you to explain what you're trying to do because I don't have a clue what you're asking. I looked at the picture you referenced and it looks like a planting pot that the picture is rotated 90 degrees from horizontal. Are you trying to rotate it? Are you trying to correct the aspect ratio, but still leave it sitting sideways?

If you're just trying to correct the aspect ratio, I logged into your account and edited your entry to correct the ratio. I just right clicked my mouse while over the picture and brought up the image properties options. The photo pixel numbers were different than the actual photo, so I just clicked a little symbol to the right of the numbers that just changed the numbers back to the photos actual dimensions.

KathyBlue on 25-Aug-11 03:24 AM
Yeah, how should I explain this. I have a picture where the "pot" (which is a pencil holder) is standing. I upload the picture, I don't do anything else. I submit the changes and everything seems perfect. After a while, something happens and the picture becomes rotated 90 degs from horizontal. I really don't try to do anything, just want the picture to look normal with the pot "standing" correctly, as the original? :) Can you check the original on the server?

ddwebmaster on 25-Aug-11 08:18 AM
The original on the server is of the planter on its side, not standing up and down. I'm guessing that when you took the picture, you had the camera rotated on it's side? If so, you might have rotated it in a viewer program on your own computer? (Some desktop viewing programs when rotated actually change the orientation data and others just remember your viewing preference without actually changing the data.)

I'm just kind of guessing at stuff. If it's only happened this once, I probably won't be able to figure out the cause without additional info.

KathyBlue on 25-Aug-11 10:26 AM
Yes, I rotated it in MS Paint, the old-fashioned way. :-)

Umpqua on 31-Aug-11 03:35 PM
I wanted to bump this because Sweetpea posted pictures on her entry today and the same thing seems to have happened:


These pictures were oriented correctly earlier in the day and now they are 90 degrees CCW but the aspect ratio seems to be the same. She edited her entry to add text and then the rotation occurred somehow, or so it seems. Just FYI!

Umpqua on 31-Aug-11 04:29 PM
Oh well, I tried to duplicate the problem on my own Diary but it worked fine for me, even after editing the entry once I had posted a photo.

ddwebmaster on 31-Aug-11 09:55 PM
Sorry, I don't even know where to start looking if it can't be duplicated and has only happened a couple times. If someone comes across a pattern that produces a rotated image, please let me know the exact steps, then I can have a place to start looking. (I really haven't made any changes to the website coding in the past while.)

sweetpea1977 on 01-Sep-11 04:48 AM
I took these pictures with a traditional camera in Portrait form. When I uploaded them to the computer, they were on their side so I rotated them in Microsoft Paint. Then I resized them and saved them to my Desktop (so I could easily find them and send them in an email). The next morning, I used the same pics that I saved to my Desktop and posted them into my diary. I resized them again using the DD resizing feature. They appeared normal in my diary for most of the day and somehow twisted around after editing my entry at some point. I've never had this problem happen before (and I posted a few photos in the last few weeks) until Aug 31.

ddwebmaster on 01-Sep-11 05:41 AM
Don't know what the issue is, but for the 2 times in question it looks like both people used MS Paint to rotate an image.

KayBee on 01-Sep-11 10:43 AM
Blame Microsoft!!!! :)))))

KayBee on 01-Sep-11 10:46 AM
BTW I join sweetpea on this, I've never had this problem before, and I'm a loyal MS Paint user.

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