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Diet Pills
- Em17 on 23-Feb-12 08:49 PM

Hey everyone. I was just wondering if any of you have tried diet pills for weight loss. I have read some reviews all online and I am thinking about it but I don't know if it is good for me or not.

Umpqua on 24-Feb-12 05:34 AM
I have never tried them but I would caution you against them. Even if they don't have dangerous side effects to your health like increasing your heart rate they are not a long-term solution. You have several months before prom and your graduation activities to drop some weight in a healthy way. I know you can do this!

sweetpea1977 on 24-Feb-12 06:46 AM
I tried them many years ago. They worked but made me paranoid, jittery, and very aggressive. They also made me feel like my heart was going to explode out of my chest because it was beating so fast and hard. I decided to stop them and guess what, the weight I lost came right back on. Thats when I learned the truth about pills. They are a waste of money and a danger to your health. You're better off doing it the old fashioned way.

Kati on 24-Feb-12 06:55 AM
humm... I'm taking a thermogenic fat-burner but I take it because I have hipothermia and it's OK. I haven't noticed any changes yet, but to be honest I'm not measuring myself... I'm just taking it, but my food intake is still disastrous.

biscottibody59 on 24-Feb-12 07:52 AM
Read for yourself and decide:


CaveGirl on 24-Feb-12 10:58 AM
I tried a diet pill and ended up with a heart monitor strapped to my chest for the 48hrs during a heat wave. I wasn't even able to take a shower. Not fun. I took more that 2 months after I stopped taking the pills for my heart to stop racing. Not worth it.

hollybelle on 25-Feb-12 08:28 AM
I had a prescription "diet" pill problem (i.e. addiction) in the 1970s so you can probably imagine what I think about it. Although the kind of pills I took are no longer available - they were made illegal because of the abuse and many doctors all over the country went to jail. I also bounced from my diet pill episode into a fullblown eating disorder and began starving myself to the point of losing muscle, hair and had all kind of other vital functional losses. The diet pills that are available are very hard on your system - even the so-called "herbal" ones and they are mostly not regulated by the FDA, but that shouldn't reassure you at all. Some of them are powerful stimulants that are hard on your vital organs - especially the HEART and can actually cause permanent damage. I am actually against all diet pills because they either provide no result at all or they can cause weight loss by stimulating the nervous system and not by behavior modification. Behavior modification is the only lasting way to health and a healthy weight, in my semi-humble opinion. They promise "magical" results that are short-lived and unrealistic thus setting up the user for disappointment and reinforcing a "See I can't do it/I have failed again" attitude. Healthy eating, increased activity amid realistic expectations is (again in my semi-humble opinion)the best path to lasting health. I don't mean to sound harsh, Em, but this is one subject I really must tell it like it is.

Tangalyn~ on 29-Feb-12 12:17 PM
ive only had bad expierences with diet pills.. i mighta lost some weight on some but i felt like crap the whole time i was taking them.. if u do decide to get some plz be careful, most of the promises the make r a load of crap and some can have long time side effects

moogy on 11-Mar-12 06:53 PM
I took them in the seventies and they gave me heart palpitations, scary stuff!!

Danguang33 on 22-Jan-20 05:16 PM
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PheobeKETO on 18-Feb-20 08:49 AM
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User_387 on 12-Jun-20 11:42 AM
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Berverly03 on 19-Jul-20 08:28 PM
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renorebul12 on 14-Aug-20 09:42 AM
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Jacky82020 on 20-Aug-20 01:54 PM
The only diet pill I occasionally take is Alli, once in a while when I eat out.

healthydiet on 17-Dec-20 09:08 PM
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