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- biscottibody59 on 30-Oct-15 12:02 PM

Here's a comment (below) I left for a diarist a couple of years ago. It's my experience and take on shoes. Essentially if you have some discomfort in a foot, a leg, a hip, a knee--or the same on both legs, you might want to get new shoes. If you wear running shoes, the Academy or any big-box store shoe isn't the same (or same price) of one you'll find of the same brand in a running shoe specialty store or an online store that sells high-end running shoes. I mentioned the "shape-up" shoes and I still see people walking around in them so I guess they're still sold.

If you're standing or walking on concrete or other hard floors for hours at a time, shoes are REALLY important.

It's not worth having plantar fasciitis or recurring aches and pains that keep you from walking/running or whatever you're doing. And as for plantar fasciitis there are techniques for taping and recommendations for not walking barefoot in the house EVER to help heal or alleviate pain. I had it once years ago and luckily it was short-lived.

I recently started having pain in the last three little toes on my left foot. I only use these shoes for my indoor workouts. They were four years old. I've switched to a newer pair and now the pain is gone.

Okay, you asked:-)

I am only one person. Cheap running shoes are not worth it in the long run for me:-) Seriously, I envy people who can wear any old shoe and be satisfied. I'm not one of those people. Higher-end running shoes manufactured by each company aren't generally sold in big-box sporting goods stores.

Here's my advice: get thee to a running shoe specialty store and get properly fitted for your gait. If you have never done this, it becomes more important the more you walk, run or whatever.

That's me--I swear by a good-fitting pair of fresh running shoes.

Many injuries can be blamed on an old (not necessarily worn-out looking) pair of shoes. On closer inspection the sole is badly worn and the midsole is no longer cushioning like it did when new. The midsole changes are subtle because you wear them all the time--until you put on a fresh shoe it may not be noticeable.The running shoe manufacturers (whether by planned obsolescence or whatever) don't intend for anyone to wear the shoes for more than about 500 miles--conventional wisdom. I don't know about other types of athletic shoes. I have no idea if doing a video in your home requires a different type of shoe. I suppose it could be akin to the movements (lateral, etc) in tennis, so that perhaps a well-cushioned tennis shoe would be better suited to the moves.

Brands of running shoes I've worn that have worked well for me lately: Brooks, Asics, Mizuno. I myself have been burned a couple times with Nikes over the years--I simply don't bother. I've worn Adidas, Saucony and New Balance running shoes, but haven't had good luck with any of them in at least 20 years.

Again it's worth the trouble to get properly fitted with a shoe that matches your gait. Do you pronate--supinate--have flat feet--high instep or arch.

To find a running shoe specialty store near you, check out: http://www.runnersworld.com/store/search/1,7978,s6-240-417-0-0,00.html

I suppose there are people who can put just any old shoe on and be happy. I'm not one of those people. I firmly believe that with running shoes, you get what you pay for.

And if you prefer exercising barefoot, there are those toe footy shoe thingies with just thin coverings for the soles. They look hilarious to me. I have a friend who wears them all over the place. Then there are people who are running barefoot and feel shoes are the worst thing for a runner.

Cheers and good luck!

ps The shape-up type shoes might actually be dangerous for what you're wanting a pair of shoes for. I definitely wouldn't want to run in shape-up type shoes. Just another fad in my opinion. Then again, what do I know--I've never worn them. Different strokes . . .

Horn_Of_Plenty on 19-Nov-15 04:55 PM
Good points. I have been fitted for shoes, but I think my insoles are too hard (no cushioning). I may actually go to the drug store and buy a pair of cheaper ones that are not such a hard material...I need arch supports (high arch).

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