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Cannot edit entries :(
- horn_of_plenty on 26-May-20 06:54 PM

 Webmaster ,

i  am unable to edit my entries please help ! The edit button is missing :/ 

ddwebmaster on 27-May-20 11:44 AM
No website changes for quite awhile. I logged into your public account to test. I went to your most recent entry and it listed "edit - delete" directly to the right of the date. I clicked edit and added a line to the bottom of your entry as a test edit.

I'm using Chrome web browser. I know in the past if someone was using Internet Explorer or similar they had to enable compatibility mode for that browser to work correctly.

If still having problems, let me know what browser you're using and also what you see to the right of the date on one of your entries when logged-in.

horn_of_plenty on 27-May-20 01:16 PM
It’s fixed now thank you!

horn_of_plenty on 27-May-20 01:16 PM
I was using internet explorer and now it’s looking good again on internet explorer :)

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