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Measurements and weights
- zophielle@113 on 02-Oct-21 05:09 AM

Today, I'm preparing myself to take my weight and measurements. I'm also preparing my dumbles and equipment I'm using tomorrow. 

Today, this is what I did.... 

7 am i had a slice of pizza

8 am  1 had a cup of black coffee

           1 banana

12nn  I had 1 boiled egg

           1/2c sautéed punkin with 2pcs of shrimps

           1/8c fried rice

            1 cup of coffee

 3pm      1 banana

                1 boiled egg


                 200GM diabetasol milk

I was taught to try eating only twice a day and avoid eating in between snacks and to lesson my Carbo intake. I haven't eaten red meats and rice for more than 2months now. Although sometimes I try to take spoon of rice or a piece of half of the matchbox size of a meat, but not the same time. And I'm trying to avoid chicken and anything fried. I want to go back to my lowest weight which is 105lbs. And maybe 95lbs. Today, I weigh 148lbs... I think ... I'm overweight and they tell me I'm obese especially with my height.. I'm 4'9"

little_one on 02-Oct-21 11:12 AM
This sounds like a very restricted diet. Please be careful. It does not sound sustainable. Unless there is a medical reason, please think about putting in some foods that make you smile.

Donkey on 07-Oct-21 07:50 AM
Rather than posting on the forum topics, you should start your diary! You can enter in a new diary entry by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the top of your screen towards the right side.

I hope you are ready to go! :-)

Jacky82020 on 28-Oct-21 11:14 AM
What’s up with posts here vs the usual DD format?

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