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Certificate Expiration - DD webmaster :)
- Horn_of_plenty on 03-Oct-21 07:46 AM

 Hi Webmaster,

I also ran into an issue, like Jacky did, when i was using my phone yesterday to access DD. I was denied access to this site on both Google and Safari browsers. Then, i tried chrome, but only got on after a warning that the site may be security compromised due to the expired certificate. I hope you are able to fix it, thank you for all you do!!!!! Just wanted to let you know i had an issue using my cell phone as wel. Using my laptop, and on chrome, i have no issues.

ddwebmaster on 04-Oct-21 07:49 AM
Yeah, only seems to be affecting certain IOS devices (iphone/ipad) and really old Android. Hopefully Apple will send an update to correct the certain devices that are having problems. I just borrowed an iphone again and it had the 14.8 software. It went directly to DD and showed it as having the correct certificate. Tried both Safari & Chrome. Again tried 3 different browsers on my Android and all are correctly reporting the certificate. Certificate showing correctly on 5 of my Windows browsers. Just went and borrowed an ipad running 14.? software and it had no problems with the certificate on Safari or Chrome. Booted up my MacBook and certificate showing correctly in Safari, Chrome, and Opera browsers.

Donkey on 07-Oct-21 07:51 AM
I have a current Android phone and was having problems, which have since reconciled. Just saying, it wasn't limited to really old Androids.

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