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DD maintenance
- ddwebmaster on 04-Aug-22 11:16 PM


ddwebmaster on 04-Aug-22 11:33 PM

Donkey on 05-Aug-22 07:59 AM
Thank you for all that you do to keep this site up and running.

Maria7 on 05-Aug-22 12:22 PM
Yes, we sure do thank you for keeping this site going. None of us have any idea how you do it but we are appreciative to you for it. It has helped many of us in many different ways. Thank you and hope you have a very blessed day. Maria

bearcountrygg on 06-Aug-22 04:45 PM
My post today disappeared...was that part of the temporary maintenance?

ddwebmaster on 06-Aug-22 05:35 PM
most likely

horn_of_plenty on 10-Aug-22 12:43 PM
Hi webmaster, my posts (from Monday and Today) also got deleted :(

I'm not upset of course, but letting you know. It happened sometimes in the past 1 or 2 hours. I went to edit and it was gone (post from today). and my post from Monday was also removed.

horn_of_plenty on 10-Aug-22 12:43 PM
i'm reading your comment more thoroughly, thank you for doing your behind the scenes work and making DD run smoothly for us.

horn_of_plenty on 10-Aug-22 12:45 PM
i also wanted to say that i love this site for planning my near future schedule (schedule that usually may go thru a time period of 3 months listed on my journal entries) :) thanks for making this site my go-to!

ddwebmaster on 17-Aug-22 07:01 AM

horn_of_plenty on 22-Aug-22 06:31 AM
ATTN WEBMASTER / WEB KIDS...i have been logged out on my home computer as well as phone...and got lucky my work comptuer still had me signed in......

I need the password reset for my account sent to my email which is jackiehecht@gmail.com

please send as i wasn't able to log in here last night.......and got lucky this AM now while at work....

My password needs to be reset...i clicked on the option for an email to reset but didn't get the emails yesterday...

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