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biscottibody59 - public bio

Public Email: chocomypecan@netscape.net

Location: Texas

How do you feel about yourself, your weight, your decision to change? LATEST UPDATE 10.2011: I can't keep thinking that 35% body fat is going to make me feel healthy. Granted I feel healthier than I have in a couple of years. I felt lost (and as if the ground beneath me was eroding) much of the time the last couple of years until just about Spring of this year. I'm at a standstill, but I need to push through the barriers that cause me to feel I'm still stumbling from time to time. UPDATE 7.2009: I need to put the past weight losses and gains behind me. Though I haven't gained back all my original pounds lost, I feel a little neutral about things. (Probably too neutral:-) Despite alot of people thinking they have a food "addiction," I certainly don't feel that way. I've overeaten on occasion, but I don't fundamentally believe there's such a thing as food addiction--compulsion (or inability to stop when full) yes, but to me an addiction is related to something you can live without.

How long have you been overweight? I've been overweight BMI-wise for too long. I started out in the obese category and that lasted 3-4 years.

What things have you tried before to lose the weight? I have made half-hearted attempts that have lasted only temporarily. I have happened to lose the weight because of illness/injury and not having an appetite. This is definitely the first time for REALLY trying to lose weight.

What is the number one reason you want to lose weight? Vanity and health are right up there together.

What are some other reasons? Seeing people who are debilitated in their 70s and 80s because of lifestyle choices they made and chose not to change. Well maybe that generation didn't know better, but mine does or should anyway.

What is your goal weight? 115 (my scale)--120 (dr's type scale)

What is the first thing you want to do when you reach your goal? Be in good enough running shape to try a half-marathon. [Started jogging in July 2002--it's a start!]

Are the people closest to you supportive? If not, why? Yes, when they're not feeling crowded;-)

What is the worst thing about being overweight? Just not feeling good; my normally infallible self-esteem going haywire.

What is the best thing about you? My sense of humor. (And generally not bullsh*tting most people:-)

How will losing weight affect those around you? Ya' know I couldn't really care less how it affects anyone at this point. People I know are really bored to know how I lost it now. People are intimidated if they themselves need to lose weight. With friends boredom sets in fast. They're jealous if THEY need to lose weight and don't really give a sh*t about your success. This is what I think long-term. At the beginning everyone is marvelling at how good you look--that only lasts a short while!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (low to high) how determined are you to reach your goal? 10