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jazzstorie - public bio

Public Email: jstorie@mac.com

Birthdate: May 5

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Education: College Graduate

Occupation: Musician

Family Info (spouse, kids, pets): Bachelor

How do you feel about yourself, your weight, your decision to change? I feel excited to get to my goal, but a bit apprehensive that ill get there . ..

How long have you been overweight? since 2nd grade

What things have you tried before to lose the weight? weight watchers, diets, excersize programs

What is the number one reason you want to lose weight? i want to feel more comfortable in my own skin

What are some other reasons? social reasons, confidence in myself, trying to undo 2 or 3 generations of poor health in my family

What is your goal weight? 175-190 pounds

What is the first thing you want to do when you reach your goal? take new headshots and a photo without a shirt on

Are the people closest to you supportive? If not, why? everyone is supportive of me

What is the worst thing about being overweight? having clothes not fit me properly

What is the best thing about you? im passionate about life

How will losing weight affect those around you? ill be a bit more pleasant to be around

On a scale of 1 to 10 (low to high) how determined are you to reach your goal? 10