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trishpiglet3 - public bio

Public Email: trish@trishpiglet.org.uk

Birthdate: November 4

Location: London, UK

Education: Even More Education

Occupation: I train stop smoking advisors

Family Info (spouse, kids, pets): Was in an open relationship, now in a mono relationship. I'm happy with that but it has taken me some getting used to because I've always had open relationships in the past

How do you feel about yourself, your weight, your decision to change? It's less a massive change than it is about getting back into better habits. I've done this before and when I eat healthier and exercise I feel better

How long have you been overweight? You know yoyos right? ;)

What is the number one reason you want to lose weight? Health. My blood relatives all have diabetes. I have asthma. I want to go in my sleep when I'm 90 something and be active as I can up till then

What are some other reasons? It's so funny - I'm re-writing this profile (first did it 7 years ago) and I was concerned about how I looked. I think I don't care as much about that now. Sometimes I like to dress up for fun but you can do that most sizes.

What is your goal weight? 147lbs

What is the first thing you want to do when you reach your goal? Stabilize my eating so that I keep to that weight (or thereabouts) and don't drop lower or start wanting to be slimmer than I need to be for health reasons. I'll also look at other goals and things I'd like to achieve. (I've left this unedited from years ago - it's still the same)

Are the people closest to you supportive? If not, why? There's this thing where if you stop and start a lot you lose face and lose integrity in people's eyes somewhat. I see it with clients who are returning for their nth stop smoking attempt and they're like 'I'm not going to tell anyone this time because they've heard me say this before and not keep it up'

What is the worst thing about being overweight? Previously I said 'getting ill' and want to qualify that not everyone who's carrying extra weight gets ill and having a bit of weight on can be protective. Being underweight is a dangerous thing too - I think someone who is 20K overweight is in a lot less trouble healthwise than someone who is 20K underweight. Also that the more important thing is the healthy, active lifestyle. Also fat-shaming sucks - don't do it!

What is the best thing about you? I dunno - someone else who knew me well would have to tell you that. The best thing about 'being' me is still the creativity. I'm painting portraits now and love it!

How will losing weight affect those around you? If I'm healthier then I can do more active things and will have more energy for going out. - Yeah, that's still true. Training takes a lot of my energy and I'd like to have more to give

On a scale of 1 to 10 (low to high) how determined are you to reach your goal? 7